March 8th: International Women’s Day

2023: In-Person Rally and Celebration in Toronto is on Saturday March 4th. Rally at OISE Hall starts at 11am and we will muster for the march at the Bedford Parkette (by the Tims). Look for Sister Barb Barron & the flags at 12:30ish. Click here for Toronto IWD updates and directions.

What Do Other Provinces’ Re-Opening Plans Mean To Us in Ontario.

So we are now at the point where five provinces have released their re-opening plans and while there is reason for optimism, especially when it comes the fall, it leaves us once again here in Ontario wondering what our government is thinking and if they are still just flying by the seat of their pants….

Mental Health Resources For Both Members and Non Members

Navigator Navigator is a free, personalized, confidential assistance service that connects arts and entertainment industry workers to mental health resources, programs, and supports.  To access Navigator, you can make an appointment through our online booking system below or give us a call Tuesdays, between 1 and 5 pm (ET) at 1.877.399.8392 (toll-free.) You are guaranteed a one-on-one phone consultation with a highly qualified specialist who will be able to…

The Collective Effort…aka how vaccines and public health measures will bring back Theatre and Live Events.

When the province announced that they were dropping the age limit to 40 years old for doses of the AstraZenica COVID-19 vaccine a couple of Sundays ago, I spent the next few hours trying to secure doses for myself and my wife. I was able to secure appointments a week away but decided the next…

Standing by… still

One of my pet peeves from my days sitting behind a lighting console was excruciatingly long standbys. Hovering my finger over the top of the go button, waiting to hear that 2 letter word, would drive me nuts making me want to press that button every time I heard any word come out of the…

The need to talk, and not just because Bell says so.

This past weekend, my wife Dory and I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning talking about the effect this pandemic, the stresses of our jobs and the effect that this is having on our lives and our mental health. Whether you are a stagehand out of work, or a student separated from…

Our Charter

I figured there is no better way to kick off the “charter” President’s Blog post than with our Charter itself. This is actually a photo of our second Charter as you can see that this was issued in 1902, not 1898, after Local 63 in Winnipeg was brought into the Alliance and the name was…

President’s Blog Disclaimer

The content of this blog are my personal opinions, and are not necessarily those of IATSE Local 58 or of the IATSE. Also as been said by many smarter than me, they may not even reflect my current thoughts or opinions. Any opinions expressed should be treated as such… opinions.

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