IATSE Local 58 is now accepting applications for stagehands. Becoming a Permittee is the first step towards advancement to member status in the IATSE Local 58 Union. Permittee status allows you to work in venues under the jurisdiction of Local 58. Permittees are dispatched when a position cannot be filled by a Union Member.

Permittee status does not guarantee receiving a call for work. The theatrical stage industry can be very demanding in the technical areas over which the IATSE has jurisdiction. When the Union supplies personnel to facilitate safe and proficient productions, the organization must be able to stand behind each worker, confident that they are an experienced, trained, competent and talented professional. To that end, you are advised to consider the following criteria when deciding to pursue your resume submission. Permittee status will be determined based on the following:

Professional training in a specific craft

Demonstrated talent in a specific craft or related area of expertise.

Understanding of the entertainment industry workplace/environment.

Honesty, good character, and professionalism.

Please note this is not an application for union membership. It is an application for Permittee status which will allow you to work within venues under the jurisdiction of IATSE Local 58. Should you be approved, you will be granted Permittee status until such time as you may be considered for membership.

Once you follow the steps & successfully submit your application it will go into cue for consideration when appropriate work becomes available. Please do not call or email the office to ‘check status’ or update availability, that will be discussed if/when contacted for work. That said if you do not receive back an email copy of your submission or suspect a technical glitch please let us know so that we can correct the process.


Be on time & be prepared: Give yourself plenty of time to get to the venue. When you accept a call ask what door you should look for, who you are reporting too and what tools you should bring for working in that department.  Ensure you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the call and introduce yourself to the contact name the Business Agent has given you.

Dress attire: Please wear clothing that is appropriate for the work you are called to perform. Jeans and t-shirt are fine for work calls. Do not wear clothing displaying language or images that are obscene or inflammatory. For a performance call assume that black pants and a long-sleeve black shirt will be required.  “Dress blacks” indicates a black suit jacket, black collared shirt, black tie and black shoes are required.

Conduct: Always conduct yourself in a professional manner and direct your energies to the task at hand.  Please review our anti-harassment policy HERE


Be sure to ask who the Head of Department or Steward is on the call you have been dispatched to. Always sign in and out with the Head or Steward.  Local 58 sends you to work, the venue is your employer.  If it’s your first time at a venue ensure you have filled out (at least) the TD1 and TD1ON form. 

Any questions or concerns arising on the job site should be taken up with the Head of Department or Steward.

Any injuries sustained on the job site should be immediately reported to the Head of Department and Steward. It is imperative that an injury report is filed in a timely fashion. If you are unsure who to report to, ask your co-workers.


All paycheques are picked up at the IATSE Local 58 office. Cheques generally come out the week following the work. Some venues are on a bi-weekly pay schedule. You can phone the office to see if the pay is in from a particular venue. From the phone menu, extension 4 also lists what cheques are in the office. If there is a problem with your cheque, contact the Office Manager.

When picking up a cheque you will pay an administration fee of 8% on the gross, or 4% if you are a member of a Sister Local – please bring your membership card as proof. This fee is only payable by debit or cash. Debit is preferred.

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