“An injury to one is an injury to all.” This is a core principle of the organized labour movement. “Workers’ rights are human rights, and human rights are workers’ rights” is another. Issues of harassment can occur in any aspect of work and must be addressed and challenged when they arise.

Local 58 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) is committed to ending all forms of harassment and discrimination. Local 58 will not tolerate unlawful and unfair discrimination and harassment on the grounds of gender (including but not limited to individuals who identify as transgender or non-binary), sexual orientation, relationship or marital status, race or ethnicity, disability or ability, class, age, language, background, political or religious beliefs, physical appearance, pregnancy or responsibility for dependents. The preceding list should not be considered exhaustive.

Harassment is defined by Local 58 as comments or actions that are known, or ought reasonably to be known, to be unwelcome or harmful. Harassment is concerned with the impact of the behaviour, not the intent.

Local 58 resolves to actively ensure that everyone is allowed to work free from harassment and discrimination. We call on everyone, whether working under our jurisdiction or in our work environments, to consider the impact that their language, attitudes, and actions have on others, and to actively foster a fair workplace free of harassment.

Local 58 acknowledges the benefits of living and working in a diverse society, and is working to foster and mirror that diversity in our organization.

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